MEet the Megan + DArik Ventures (MD VEntures) TEam

Megan Lamke


 Licensed Realtor & Investor


Megan started in the real estate industry working for Wells Fargo in 2008. While working full-time Megan began house hacking and investing in residential real estate.  Megan started implementing the Buy, Renovate, Rent and Refinance (BRRR) strategy in 2011. After working for several fast growing technology companies, Megan started leveraging her sales and marketing skills to grow local property management companies. That lead Megan to get her real estate license in 2016 and start investing in multifamily real estate syndications. Megan loves helping friends and family with residential, commercial and investment real estate purchases. Megan enjoys giving back by teaching Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University course to teach people to get out of debt quickly, invest in real estate wisely, and live generously. 


When Megan isn't working, you can find her sailing on Lake Minnetonka, volunteering at a local non-profit organization, or traveling to a National Park. 

Darik Lamke


 Engineer & Investor


Darik graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth with 3 engineering degrees and a math minor. He has worked as an Engineer since 2008. Darik is excels at analyzing real estate opportunities. Darik thoroughly enjoys risk mitigation and conservative underwriting. Darik's passion for number crunching proved useful when the Lamkes embarked on their first Financial Peace University in 2014. Since then, with the help of Darik's guidance the Lamkes have paid off over $535,000 including their house, and are completely debt-free! Darik loves that by getting out of debt and conservatively investing in real estate the Lamkes are able to "live and give like no one else" as Dave Ramsey would say. 


When Darik isn't working, he can be found in his workshop woodworking, reading a good book or playing board games. 

Lyra Joy Lamke


Lyra is adorable and the driving force behind what we do , why we do it and who we choose to impact. She loves building things like her dad and delights in connecting with people like her mom does. 


When Lyra isn't attending  real estate closings and conferences with her parents she can be found playing with something musical or dancing. 

About Us


Residential Real Estate Services

Whether you are looking to buy your dream home, downsize, or invest in real estate, Megan Lamke has a team of industry experts to help you obtain your financial goals. 


Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

 "A good [woman] leaves an inheritance for [her] children's children, but a sinner's wealth is stored up for the righteous."​ ~Proverbs 13:22  

At Megan Lamke Real Estate  we are driven to help our clients achieve long-term financial security through real estate investments that can successfully be passed from generation to generation. We do this not only by offering sound financial investments, but by creating an atmosphere of trust, dedication, communication, and integrity. Our values drive us to operate our real estate investments with honesty,  integrity and a heart for the common good in the communities we serve. Our values mean we treat our investor clients and tenant clients with the utmost respect.  In every project we work on we partner with local faith-based organizations to teach life skills, like Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, to our tenants.


1. Safe, quality housing that provides like new condition, state-of-the-art amenities 

2. Maintaining open communication between investors in order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction and long lasting relationship within the team and community. 

3. To continue to expand the number of properties purchased, re-positioned, rented and/or sold, while also increasing the level of profits for all investors.  


Giving Back


Giving back to the communities in which we live and invest is an integral part of our mission. Having the ability, courage and dedication to building financial freedom is important, but in our humble opinion, it is how one uses that blessing that is truly important. By serving faith-based organizations and neighborhoods we can help strengthen communities.  

Main areas Megan Lamke Real Estate gives to:  

1. Local faith-based organizations in the communities we serve 

2. Neighborhood stabilization programs 

3. Multi-generational education 

4. Micro-financing for empowering women, especially moms 

5. Female entrepreneurship, investment, and development   

Megan Lamke Real Estate gives 50% of its profits from every real estate transaction to three local charities in order to make a difference in the lives of children locally and globally.  

Where We Give Back